Friday, January 21, 2011

Muffin steals the show

A little dog named Muffin played a comedic role in the movie, Screwed, starring Norm MacDonald. Some of Muffin's stunts were amazing. For example, when Norm, who played Williard, broke in his wealthy employer's home to kidnap Muffin, he finally grabbed Muffin. But Muffin held on to his hand after biting it and in spite of Williard swinging her around and around, trying to get her to loosen her hold on his now-bloody hand.

The other trick was how Muffin managed to escape from the van that was taking her away. The latch on the backdoors of the van was loose and improperly fashioned. The van was also speeding down the road, yet Muffin managed to jump from the moving van and run back to his home. He ran up the stairs to his owner's bedroom and hopped on his bed on his owner's bed and went to sleep.

Norm MacDonald was funny, but in my opinion, Muffin was funnier.

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