Monday, January 24, 2011

letting your dog sleep in your bed

Usually, you decide whether you'll allow your dog or dogs to sleep in your bed or just provide them with their own beds. It's up to you. Just know that once this habit or routine is established, you'll have to live with  it, like it or not. And remember that you may toss and turn and have to be careful not to roll on your dog. So be careful with this one.

The biggest challenge and source of a lot of fun is whether your partner or spouse will agree to share the bed with the dog. There could be a real conflict if one partner doesn't mind a dog sleeping in the bed, while the other partner absolutely detests it. Would a compromise be possible? If not, can an alternate arrangement that will suit you both be made, and for how long? At this point, you may decide to be flexible about any decisions and find out what works or doesn't and factor that in. Then decide.

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