Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm frustrated by ASPCA ads

Last night, I saw an ASPCA ad on television, which began with photos of homeless, abused, abandoned dogs and one or two cats. I tried to look away because I was already feeling depressed over the loss of my aunt and the photos of those poor unwanted animals just tore at my heart. Had the continuing photos not stopped, I would have been crying, I just felt so badly.

I can understand the ASPCA's intentions for those animals and need for support were featured in a tv ad. Perhaps a few more viewers were touched by those photos and felt prompted to send in donations or at least adopt one of those animals. This was all to the well and good.

But such an ad frustrated me because my donations would be a pittance compared to the amount of money this organization needed and thoughts of adopting one of those animals would be a very small drop in the bucket. What would happen to the other animals and how would shelter-related expenses be covered?

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