Saturday, January 8, 2011

Front-door passenger dog

I can sympathize with dog owners who want their pets to have fresh air in a car, van, suv, truck, what-have-you. But I have a hard time sympathizing with those owners who open the passenger window wide enough to allow a dog to stick out his or her head and bark at anyone who happens to be passing by, such as cyclists.

Even one sudden loud bark is enough to startle the dog's owner and has the potential to cause an accident.

For a dog to get fresh air, just open the window about an inch or two. That way, the dog will still get a breeze and may even bark, but won't distract anyone, pedestrian or motorist. And if it's possible to use a seat belt on a dog, then buckle him or her in by all means! Doing all of these things will ensure a more pleasant ride from start to finish and a more relaxed dog and driver.

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