Sunday, January 2, 2011

Forgotten dogs

I don't own any dogs yet, but adore puppies and certain breeds of dogs for their personalities and looks. You would  think that I would include a group of forgotten dogs, namely, older or elderly dogs. Quite a few of them are the most loyal, loving pets you'll ever hope to find and own. Yet, quite a few of them wind up in shelters or worse, in the street, because they may not be as attractive as they were when they were younger. Such a shame and a waste of a perfect pet's life.

I've had limited experience being around older dogs, as my sister owned a few over time. As I got to know those dogs, I became more fond of them and didn't even mind walking them. One of them, named Cooper, was very sweet and enjoyed going for a walk. He never tugged or pulled at his leash. He even ran when I ran! Toward the end of his life, he slowed down and didn't act like himself anymore. My sister took him to the vet and learned that Cooper had some kind of blood cancer. The dog lived a few more weeks before dying from that disease.

Then there was my father's dog, Princess, who lived to a very old age before succumbing to more than one ailment. And then there was Roxie, a rottweillor, who was very sweet and always tried to please. I will always remember those dogs and their unconditional love.

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