Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ever try walking more than one dog at a time?

Most likely, I will never own more than one dog in the near future. But what about people who own two or more? What I'm really curious about is whether those people actually walk two or more dogs at the same time. I suppose that walking two or three small dogs can't be very stressful, or walking two adult breeds at one time.

But maybe I could be wrong.

My sister, for example, walks one of her dogs at a time, perhaps because one dog is way more active and restless than the other. Or maybe walking one dog at a time isn't so stressful. It takes good coordination, strength and will. If any of those qualities are missing, forget about walking multiple dogs at a time.

Yet people do manage, particularly the professional dog walkers who effectively manage quite an assortment of little and large dogs at the same time, all without getting leashes tangled up or losing any of the dogs!  That, to me, is pretty amazing stuff. I wonder what their secrets are.

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