Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs can make a lot of people happy

There's nothing like a dog to perk up interest and happiness, especially for people who are in nursing homes. When my aunt was alive and residing in a nursing home, she loved to pet the visiting dog and talk with the dog's owners. At least for a few minutes, my aunt forgot her physical  problems and smiled and laughed. After all, she owned a little terrier dog named Skippy.

Petting a dog or even a cat is a comforting experience as well. The animal responds by encouraging further petting by licking the person's hand or in the case of a cat, purring in contentment. A quick bond is established that is a win-win for all concerned. Love rules. The only downside is that the pleasurable time spent in talking to a pet and petting it goes much too fast. But at least, the next visit won't be that many weeks away!

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