Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dog rescue that nearly went wrong

A mom and her children went ice-skating in a nearby pond. At some point, one of the family's dogs got out of the house somehow and ran to the pond and fell in because of thin ice. The dog was rescued and bought back home. In the meantime, the second dog also took off and fell in because of thin ice. By this time, the mom and her two kids were frozen from the low temperatures.

At that point, one of the kids tried to rescue the second dog and failed because now his mom had fallen overboard and had to be rescued. The mom had stripped off just about all of her clothing because she felt that the clothing was heavy, due to ice and water, and was weighing her down.

Happily, the son helped to rescue her and called 911. Rescuers arrived and saved them all, including the second dog that had fallen in.

There might be a few lessons here, such as making sure that any dogs are securely locked in at home and calling 911 as soon as an emergency occurs. I think that the family was very fortunate in a potentially tragic situation.

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