Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are there any good substitutes for doggy snacks?

I'm referring to items like doggy snacks, like Frosty Paws, which is a great favorite of my sister's two dogs. Those dogs could probably eat that snack all day long if they were allowed to, but thankfully they aren't. Their diets are basically well-balanced, with an occasional meal that is cooked and served exclusively for them and they know it.

Another thing about doggy snacks is that they are basically expensive and could wipe out a modest budget in practically no time at all. I'm sure that dogs can be trained to eat other stuff that is much better for them. Take my sister's dog, Chloe, for example, who enjoys being fed raw stringbeans one by one. Raw stringbeans aren't only good for her, but they're good for the wallet also, as they are much cheaper to buy and store than expensive doggy treats. And they're far better than anything a dog will randomly find in a trash can. I would think that no self-respecting dog would want to bother poking around in the trash and actually find something to bring home in its mouth, like a part of a roasted chicken. Ugh!

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