Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two concerns of a would-bel dog owner

Although  I feel very positive about the possibility of one day owning a dog, I still have two misgivings. The first one concrns barking. I know that dogs bark for a reason. Maybe they are frightened or bored or angry. That might be okay, but I've also read somewhere that dogs stop barking on their own, usually. So what happens if a given dog keeps barking?  How do you get him to stop before the neighbors start complaining? And trust me, some neighbors won't hesitate to complain. They have nothing better to do and crave some excitement in the neighborhood. So for them, a barking dog is a perfect excuse for complaining.

The other misgiving concerns training. How much training does an adult dog really need?  Is it better to train him yourself?  I've never had experience training dogs, so what do I know?  Does a dog's breed dictate the way training is done or not done?

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