Wednesday, December 1, 2010

things to think about before you adopt a shelter dog

A few days ago, I wrote a post on adopting a shelter dog. This has got to be the ultimate way to save an animal's life and making a friend whose love for you is unconditional.

Before even visiting one or more shelters, you should know in general what kind of dog you'd like to bring home. That is, do you want a large or small dog, a dog that will coexist well with another dog or cat, a dog that will protect your home when you're away, a dog that's good around kids, a dog who is rather young or a senior dog?

To get some answers, consider your present situation. For example, is there just you at home or do you have a spouse?  If you have a spouse or live-in companion, would that person likely enjoy having a dog around?  Too, there is a question of being able to support your chosen dog and providing it with love, companionship, food, shelter and other things.

These considerations need to be all taken into account completely and honestly, and will help you narrow your search even before you visit a shelter. Here's to a successful match!

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