Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shelters do it too, ie., take in dogs with negative traumatic experiences

Yesterday, I've bought up the topic of adopting a dog whose background included trauma. Would knowing that a trauma could possibly affect the dog's behavior towards his owner in a negative way? I believed that it wouldn't.

And today, I'd like to bring up an example of a shelter whose experience includes working with animals, dogs and cats who've experienced mental and/or physical trauma in the past. That shelter, North Shore, based in New York, has managed to successfully rehabilitate those animals and then adopt them out to loving owners. Very often, this is a long and expensive process. There are multiple trips to the vet, medicines to buy and administer, and lots of loving care in-between. But it's worthwhile.

For my part, I believe that dogs adopted from shelters prove to be trusting, loving companions. Some dogs, because of their temperaments, may take a little longer to get used to their new home, but they come around eventually.They seem to be far more appreciative.

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