Monday, December 20, 2010

My favorite cartoon dog

I just love Bryan on Family Guy.. He acts like a human, does human things like read mail and newspapers, and is more practical than Stewie. He's also funny. But most of all, he's a perfect dog!  He's fairly independent and finds his own ways to amuse himself. Of course, when Bryan gets himself in a ridiculous adventure, he sees through it all and winds up being a hero or at least comes close in being one.

I would also love to own a dog like Bryan, if that were ever possible. He'd understand what I was saying and respond back with a comment that would make perfect sense. He'd be calm and logical, while not imagining me as the source of his meals or even A meal, lol.

If I could ever create a dog like Bryan, I'd make sure that my creation would have a lot of Bryan's characteristics, including his personality. He would never be another Bryan though.

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