Thursday, December 30, 2010

My attempt to get Aries to do what I want instead of what he wants

Aries is really a good dog. He reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull who only wanted to enjoy and smell flowers. Aries is laid-back like that. He has the looks of a pit bull, but the heart of a good friend. That's why I don't mind walking him occasionally.

But he does get his moments in which he refuses to budge when he's found something interesting on the ground or just wants to savor his surroundings. This is really nerve-wracking, especially when he refuses to get back up and resume his walk with you. I began to get tired of this and decided to train him a little to do what I want.

The next time Aries didn't move, I didn't try to tug his leash in order to make him move. He got back up, but began to move in the opposite direction. I didn't give in, but stood patiently, waiting for him to see things my way and begin moving in the direction that I wanted him to go. After one or two minutes, he stopped resisting and began walking slowly toward me. Seconds later, we continued walking in the desired direction with no problems whatsoever. My stubbornness outlasted his.

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