Friday, December 24, 2010

let your dog be Santa for a second

My vote would go to one of those breeds featuring shaggy hair, perhaps a terrier?  And how about a Chihuahua wearing a Santa hat?  I bet that would be the cutest picture of all.

If you were to make a Santa hat for your dog, would you poke two holes in it for the dog's ears to show through?  Or would you kind of squash one part of the hat over one ear and leave the other one open? The important thing to consider is whether your dog will let you place something on any part of his body, including his head. I know that trying to place a hat on a cat's head would not work so well, having tried to do so myself.

This is something to think about doing for today, Christmas eve. You don't have to send the photo to anyone, but place it in a photo album. When you look at it again next year, you will have many happy memories.

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