Sunday, December 26, 2010

I don't want to go out vs I WANT to go out now. Do I have to lift up my leg?

So yesterday, my sister and I visited a cousin. My cousin's daughter owns a basset hound, a cute, affectionate dog with brown and white fur. She dressed the dog up in a little Santa outfit, minus Santa's hat. But the dog looked good anyway. As we sat and talked, the dog walked up to each one of us and was patted on the head. It's got brown soul-ful looking eyes that would make anyone's heart melt.

Of course, the dog eventually needed to go for a walk once and some time later, again. Her owner gladly took her out for that walk.

At that point, I had second thoughts about owning a dog. I'd have a real dilemma. I'd be relaxed and mellowed out and comfortably resting on the sofa, reluctant to get up off of it. I'd even say something like, "Awwwwwwwrrrrr, do I HAVE to go for a walk NOW?" And the truth would be, yes you would. Exercise is good for you. Come on, come on, because I've really got to pee."

I just pinpointed why I haven't got a dog yet.

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