Friday, December 31, 2010

How will your dog celebrate New Year's?

If you have a dog and plan to celebrate New Year's with a loud party, will your dog be celebrating too?  Probably not. The reason why I say this is because noisemakers may get him or her excited enough so that he or she barks for much of the time, adding to the commotion. Barking may not be the biggest problem. Some dogs get so excited that they pee wherever or throw up in the darnest places. Now between the pee and puke, you're likely to have a real problem going on at some point over there.

I hate cleaning up any kind of mess that an animal leaves behind, don't you?

I think that I would first try providing a quiet place for my dog to relax and sleep instead of forcing him or her to be the life of the party. God, with all of that barking, and singing and puking and peeing, a migraine is inevitable. Plus, the guests might take the initiative and start doing their own thing too, especially with a few drinks under their belt. If you're not careful, the whole thing becomes a mad cycle, beginning with dog that barks, then pees on something or someone's leg, causing that person to spill some whiskey on him, causing him to get even more excited and....and....

So much for my nightmare.


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