Saturday, December 11, 2010

How about those adoption fees?

A shelter will charge an adoption fee for whatever dog or cat you select, but these fees tend to vary. Basically, the fee covers veterinarian and other related expenses. But a lot depends on the animal you select also. If, for example, a dog has received all required shots and has been fixed, the fees are generally higher than for a dog who needs blood work or other treatment.

Lately, fees tend to be higher, but overall, still within reason. They are effective in deterring pet abusers from adopting.

Most of all, many shelters are righttfully concerned that a potential adopter will treat a pet right at all times. Put yourself in the shelter's place as you view this person. You don't know him or her. Hearing them say that they'll care for a pet doesn't mean anything, really. Same thing if you decide to sell your pet. Who are you going to trust?

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