Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good-bye to a long-time dog owner

Today, I learned from my sister that my aunt (my mom's sister) passed peacefully in her sleep. I'm a little shook up right now and know that if I had a dog, that dog would probably sense how upset I was. The dog would probably sit near me and perhaps lick my hands or face. I would talk to him or her, saying that I was glad to have him or her nearby as a comfort. I'd also say other things, such as how close I was to my aunt during my whole life and how thankful I was to be able to visit with her about two weeks ago.

I would probably sit with the dog, unable to sleep tonight.

Of course, I would explain how I missed my aunt, but know that she's in a much better place and that she will always be close. She also loved dogs and owned a terrier-mix for a long time named Skippy. The amusing part about Skippy was when my aunt mentioned the word, bath, to Skippy, he would growl and show his teeth. My aunt loved all animals, especially dogs and helped to convey her love of animals to her nieces and nephews. In fact, I will just bet that she is with her sister and brothers who predeceased her AND Skippy!

Perhaps if I was able to sit with psychics John Edward and Sylvia Brown, I would learn that my aunt, mom and Skippy are right behind me, sending their love from the Other Side.

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