Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dry food can actually do this!

My sister was buying dog and cat food today at Petsmart. I was with her and bought some food for my cats. Then we reached a point at which we decided to buy dry food, and asked what food was the best. The sales associate asked the pets' ages and whether they were indoor or outdoor pets.

Then came the amazing part.

We were told that a given brand of dry food, one for dogs and the other for cats, actually helped to reduce the size of poops!  I didn't know that. I had no idea that any given pet food, dry or wet, could do this. But then again, there are so many varieties from which to choose and those varieties cover various issues, such as intestinal health and the like.

So with the discounts and all, my sister saved a few dollars buying dry food for her dogs and I saved a few dollars buying the same brand for my cats.

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