Sunday, December 12, 2010

DON'T give a dog as a gift during the holidays

Imagine that you like puppies and dogs. But one day, one your friends or family members surprises you with a "gift" of a puppy or dog. After all, you like dogs, right?

Yes, you like dogs, but are in the middle of a hectic time, what with shopping and fixing the house, and so on. And now, in addition to all of that activity happening in your life right now, you've got an extra responsibility --- caring for a dog. How fond of puppies and dogs are you now?

So whatever you do, avoid giving animals as gifts for the holidays, especially to people that may not really appreciate them. Instead, make a donation to your local animal charity/shelter instead. Or consider sponsoring a puppy or dog. Believe me when I say that the money will go to good use. And you'll feel good supporting a very worthy cause, especially now in hard times when many pets are given up simply because their owners could no longer afford to support them.

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