Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dog toys at Christmas

I was looking at dog toys at PetSmart for Christmas. Basically, I focused on a section of squeaky toys. One toy was a dog wearing a Santa hat and squeaked if his tummy was pushed. There were other toy animals, such as reindeer and turtles. The number and variety of toys for dogs is amazing at Christmas time.

The squeaky toys are populat, I suppose, because their squeaks do attract (real) dogs' attention and sort of motivate dogs to play.

If I ever do get a dog, I've got to experiment to see what kinds of toys he or she prefers AND uses. That way, I can save money and time shopping, or maybe not. I was also thinking that there should be some kind of exchange for dog toys. If my dog didn't like a squeaky toy, for example, I could exchange it for a frisbee or rope toy.

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