Tuesday, December 28, 2010

discussing dog preferences

On Christmas evening, my cousin and her daughter and sister were discussing dogs. My cousin's daughter was holding and kissing her basset hound and saying how much she loved the dog. Eventually, we talked about the kinds of dogs we loved or loathed.

I mentioned that I thought a St. Bernard would be a great dog. I happen to like the way St. Bernards look, but nothing else about them, such as their temperaments. To my surprise, no one laughed and told me that I had to be crazy for considering a St. Bernard. A few other dog preferences were discussed, like someone mentioned a preference for a rottweillor, but not for a pit bull. I like rottwillors, especially the one that my sister owned some years ago. The dog's name was Roxy and she was a real sweetheart. Never pulled on the leash or growled or acted crazy.

But I stuck to the idea of maybe owning a St. Bernard, which would create a stir in my neighborhood and would be a hoot to own. Maybe intimidate a neighbor's forever-barking dog or the neighbor herself. But she probably wouldn't notice because she always looks like she's high on something.

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