Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barking dogs

Everytime I walk past a certain house in town, I'm always startled by this rather large dog that runs to the gate, stands on its hind legs and barks up a storm. I'm also sure that the neighbors next door are startled as well. What really gets me is why the dog's owners even think of leaving their pet outside for so long in 19-degree weather, with the wind blowing and all. That sounds inhumane to me, and I suppose that if I were in that dog's place, I'd bark loudly too ---- because I'd be freezing cold.

Aside from this issue, I have found that quite a few dogs bark in the early morning hours. They bark at passerby. They bark at cyclists, of which I am one. And the best part about this is that when one dog starts barking, others begin to bark also. That pandemonium must drive neighbors crazy.

If I owned a dog, I think I'd be more considerate and keep the animal indoors, protecting it from the freezing temperatures outside. And I'd find out as soon as possible why the dog was barking so frequently and then do something about it. Dogs have a reason to bark. There can't be that many people walking or cycling past in a given hour or so.

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