Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adopting a shelter puppy vs a shelter dog

Yesterday, I found and read a book on adopting a puppy from a shelter. Since there is more uncertainty in adopting a shelter puppy, there is naturally more to think and do in that regard than there probably would in adopting an adult dog from a shelter.

Still, I think that some of the suggestions are applicable to would-be dog owners. Those potential owners, including myself, should find out what they can about a given/chosen dog's background. Unfortunately, this information is not always provided to shelters because it is either unavailable or because the shelter is more interested in placing a dog in a regular home.

Another suggestion I liked was that you talk to the dog. Call him or her by name (the name assigned to him by the shelter) and see if the dog responds, and if so, how. You can also observe whether the dog you've chosen is aggressive or not and guess how much training or additional care it is going to need. Of course, you'll get a copy of paperwork regarding shots, age, and information about any physical disabilities. And usually, there's little need to scrutinize (I think) the relationship between you and the dog. However, it would be a good idea to find out if your chosen dog would get along with any other pets, such as cats, that you may have at home.

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