Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adopt a dog whose past involves trauma?

Someone posting in the forum at inquired about the  possibility of adopting a collie/shepherd mix whose puppyhood involved trauma. The poster said that the dog caught his eye and he was strongly considering adopting the pet.. The poster was also a first-time dog owner.

Another poster replied that the dog's puppyhood's traumatic experiences should have no bearing on the collie/shepherd mix and expressed the belief that such dogs make good pets and are easily trainable.

I was happy to see this post, even though I am a potential dog owner, as it brought up an aspect of dog ownership that I had not thought of! Sadly, not all shelter personnel know everything about a given dog. The shelter takes in the dog, brings him to the vet for an examination and shots before putting the pet up for adoption. The staff rarely knows the dog's complete history. What you wind up doing is in effect, buying a pig in a poke.

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