Sunday, November 28, 2010

when a dog or cat has cancer

I read an article by an owner whose schnauzer, Ruby, died of stomach cancer recently. The owner's attention was drawn to Ruby's vomiting. At first, he and the vet thought that the dog was experiencing an upset stomach. However, Ruby began losing weight at a rapid pace. She was diagnosed with a large tumor in her stomach. The owners spent well over a thousand dollars in vet bills until they figured that since Ruby was terminal, she should  be put to sleep. What else could they do?

Indeed, what could any owner do for a pet with a terminal disease?

There is, after all, a time in which spending even more money on a pet's treatment stops providing the desired results. Ulltimately, the pet is going to die. You hope and pray for the best. I did that when one of my cats, Leo, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Leo not only lost weight, but lost control of his bladder, as did another cat, Columbus, who lost weight and yowled pitifully when he was picked up.

To be honest, there's nothing an owner can do, except to keep the pet comfortable for as long as possible and then consider euthanizing a pet who is too ill and experiencing too much pain.

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