Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What will a dog do next? Sometimes you just never know.

Sometimes, dogs act in a way that we do not expect. Things seem to be fine, and then, all of a sudden, something happens and you have no choice but to act right away.

Here's what happened to me.

About four years ago, on a hot, humid June afternoon, I had to change my sister's husky-mix, Chloe, from one leash to another, a simple task. Chloe was outside on an outdoor leash. Once at her side, I unhooked the first leash and was getting ready to hook it on Chloe's collar and bring her in the house. I've changed leashes before and felt comfortable doing that now.

I was nearly done unhooking one leash and about to hook it on the dog's collar when she suddently took off. Afraid that the dog would race across the street and get hit by a car, I raced after her. Long story short, I ran after her across five or six lawns. Everytime Chloe saw me get a little closer to her, she took off again in the opposite direction. Then I happened to see a neighbor and called out to him to stop Chloe in her tracks and thankfully, he did. He caught and held on to her until I arrived. My sister had driven over there and was getting ready to get Chloe in her car.

Anything could have happened during the chase. And it's true that Chloe was "playing." But all turned out well. I calmed down, washed my face and hands and changed my sweaty top.

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