Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day with all kinds of dogs

For much of this past week, dogs figured into much of what I saw. For instance, photos and pictures of cartoon and real dogs appeared on pet greeting cards as much as they did on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day cards. These cards were cute and sometimes very funny. I know that a lot of dog owners got a big kick out of seeing and sending them to friends and relatives.

But today especially went to the dogs. I saw the dog show on tv that featured the creme de la creme of prize-winning breeds, even a few breeds that were fairly new and ones that I had never heard of. Same went for the dogs themselves, who behaved beautifully. None of them barked or seemed to mind having someone expose their clean, gleaming white teeth. Larger dogs as boxers, dalmatians were featured, along with poodles, collies, and terriers. It was hard to choose the winning dog from all of the fine specimens, and I didn't envy the judge.

And during dinner, my sister's dogs begged for samples of turkey and other good stuff and got it eventually. Who could blame them?  Even though the weather was rather dank and crappy, we all had a good time eating.

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