Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kids begging for a dog - should you give in?

Every time I hear a child beg for a dog, I have to laugh --- not because I think that a child's plea for a dog is funny. Not by any means! The part of the plea that tickles me is the promise that the child makes. You've probably heard these before:  "I'll walk the dog every day, I promise!"
                                             "I'll take care of the dog. Ple-ase!"
                                             "I'll do the dishes every day if I get a dog."
                                             "All of my friends have dogs. I want one too."

Hearing this, you almost feel tempted until you remember the last time your child had a pet and you wound up taking care of the animal. No amount of begging or bribing the child to keep his or her promise of taking care of the pet helped. The child lost interest, period, and you were stuck caring for the pet.

But this time is different and you've put your foot down. NO! You say, only to hear something like "That's not fair!" There are other excuses, but you get the idea.

I know one thing:  I wouldn't think of putting the idea of getting a dog in a child's head. I think that if my child wanted a dog, I'd tell him that he will be able to get one as soon as he earns some money to afford the dog. I'm talking about items as food, brushes, treats and toys.

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