Monday, November 29, 2010

The "inner dog" matters more than a dog's looks

One of my sister's dogs, Aries, is very laid-back and would rather sleep on her bed than going out to do his business or take a walk. When he is called, he takes his sweet time responding. He is probably regarded as threatening to people who see him for the first time. In fact, before my sister agreed to give him a home, Aries was going to be euthanized, simply because a home could not be found for him.

Anyway, he has a very sweet personality. He enjoys treats and good food. My sister sometimes cooks especially for her dogs and they look good.

I like Aries too, and think that his looks are rather endearing. I also think that with a dog of his temperament, looks really don't matter. It's the inner dog that counts the most. A dog who looks beautiful may have a rotten temper and scare the bej---- out of anyone who dares to approach him or her. On the other hand, a dog who appears downright homely or even ugly can be the most friendly, loyal, sweet pet if given the chanee by a loving owner.

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