Monday, November 15, 2010

How much does a dog eat anyway?

There's a lady who lives on the next corner on the opposite block who owns a rather fat black dog. Every time I see her walking her dog, I see a well-behaved animal walking next to its master and dutifully stopping briefly to relieve itself. It has never, to my knowledge, pulled the lady so hard, forcing her to run. She probably couldn't or wouldn't run, as she is quite heavy also.

Both the lady and her dog appear to be well fed and comfortable, which is all good.

But sometimes I wonder how much food a dog of that size eats. Does that lady only feed it at certain times or does she feed her dog during meal times?  Does she give her dog extra treats like Frosty Paws? 

This aspect brings up a few more questions, such as does a dog eat in proportion to its size?  For example, would a smaller dog such as a chihauhau eat less than a boxer?  I'm only addressing these matters because I know that pet food is rather expensive. I would want to treat my dog well, of course, but feed it sensibly.

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