Saturday, November 6, 2010

dogs that bark and those that don't

In choosing a dog, I don't think that I'd consider getting a small dog, such as a chihuahua. Dogs that size tend to be frequent barkers. Mind, I have nothing against dogs that bark frequently, it's that once they start, they tend not to stop right away.

I read somewhere that this nonstop barking may be due to the fact that such dogs like to hear themselves bark. That may be true, but I think that the jury is still out on that one. Usually, dogs have a reason to bark, such as they're being ill or bored or lonesome.

I know, for example, that my sister's two dogs almost never bark, which may be a good thing for her. But when I asked her about the possibility of my taking one of them home with me to mind the house, she nixed that idea. The reason was that her dogs don't bark. Back to the drawing board.

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