Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dogs living in apartments

A lot of apartment owners still don't allow pets. An apartment that I lived in about ten years ago had a similar policy, but its landlord had at least one cat in his apartment. And when my sister lived in her apartment, she owned owned a cat, while two of her friends owned cats also.

Personally, I feel that there is nothing wrong with pets living in apartments. When my dad was a landlord, he allowed his tenants to have pets. One of those tenants was a woman who lived alone and owned a big police dog named Rusty. Rusty was a well-behaved dog who never left his master's side. He would sit next to his master at the window and watch what was going on outside. At no time was there any problem with Rusty or his owner.

Most important, I feel that pets such as dogs provide needed companionship for their owners. That comparnionship could be lifesaving for the dog and its owner. Of course, every so often, there would be an irresponsible owner. But I'm sure that he or she would be dealt with. The only question I'd have is what would become of the dog, or cat, for that matter?

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