Sunday, November 21, 2010

dogs doing tricks

In one small part of the movie, Momma's House 2, one of the characters pours some liquor, either wine or whiskey into a chihuahua's water dish. So the dog drank practically all of it and did this crazy dance that amused the audience. That dog hopped around on its hind feet, spun a few times before resuming its little jig. That scene cracked me up, as did another scene showing the dog humping a larger dog.

In real life, though, I doubt that anyone in his or her right mind would actually give a dog liquor or somehow train it to hump another dog. Training a dog so that it seems to do certain things naturally is much harder than it looks. The trainer has to be patient and keep trying over and over and over again. And bribing the dog with little treats. A little dog such as a chihuahua probably doesn't eat a lot in the first place, but still and all. After spending so much time and putting so much effort into a stunt like that, surely the dog in its mind, has to be thinking, just do the trick already!

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