Monday, November 1, 2010

Dogs at the vet's office

On occasions when I had to bring one of my cats to the vet's office, I've had a chance to observe dog owners and their dogs. Many of those dogs seemed to be obedient and loving toward their owners. Even the boxer-type dogs tended to sit quietly with their owners.

It couldn't have been an easy task to bring a dog to the vet. Somehow, dogs have an uncanny way of sensing that something different is about to happen and the time to escape is now. Cats are especially prone to that and will try to hide or stand their ground, ears down, claws out. But with dogs, things just seem to be different. For the most part, they're usually too ill to worry about getting away or resisting their owners' attempts to get them in a car or van. At least, the owners do not have to worry about coaxing a dog into a carrier. I've not seen this happen at all. Maybe dogs trusting their owners matters the most.


  1. My dog Cerci tried to make an escape from the big Cornell Vet Hospital on the East side of NYC. In addition to an elevtor they have a long internal RAMP climbing up to the admitting room on the second floor and she pulled her leash off and ran down Its a good thing she didn't know the automatic door would open or she would have been outsid ein a flash!

  2. Yes, most definitely. But I'm glad that she didn't get away. Was she startled?

    Thanks for stopping by....