Friday, November 5, 2010

Dogs and furniture

From what I've seen, there is no way to keep dogs off furniture such as sofas and beds. Of course, you might be one of those lucky owners whose dog or dogs sleep on a regular dog bed. Then you get to relax more on your sofa or bed without worrying about your dog jumping on and curling himself or herself next to you.

I think that is so because a dog probably feels secure and comforted by blankets and other items that have his owner's scent on them. The other thing is that dogs, like cats, tend to keep returning to the same comfortable place to relax and sleep as cats do. And just try to change their mind and ways, lol!

As to the question of whether allowing dogs (or cats) to sit or sleep on your furniture, I can only answer by saying that I don't know. Somehow, it feels cruel to shoo the animal off, so you let him or her remain sitting or sleeping. On the other hand, a few experts would argue that allowing a pet to sit or sleep on your furniture is just a bad idea. It isn't very healthy and so on. I don't know about that either, as my sister allows her dogs on her furniture. Nothing bad has happened and her health is just fine, thank you. She doesn't mind her dogs jumping on the furniture either.

I think that whether you allow your dog on your furniture (or not) has everything to do with preference. Either you mind it or you don't.

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