Friday, November 26, 2010

Cooperative dogs, uncooperative kids

I sometimes fantasize about my future dog starring in one of those pet-food commercials, like the cute dog featured on Beneful (?) commercials. That dog looks so eager for whatever his master is about to offer him, although he can't really understand or tell which meals he prefers. I don't think that any dog can, or cats for that matter.

This is so unlike a young child who is hungry, but rather fussy when it comes to meals. Its lofty highchair seat with its little table becomes a platform for a child who isn't hungry or doesn't like the food he's served and is not going to eat, period. The food gets thrown or spilled out, one way or the other. In a dog's case, the dog will usually eat a little at a time before sauntering off. It doesn't show its displeasure by dumping the food out all over the floor. But a child who's determined to spite or become uncooperative has to bife his time. 

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