Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Choosing a dog at last

The other day, I found a book on the various dog breeds and paged through it. I imagined that I could have just about any dog I wanted with no hassle. I looked again at the smaller dogs such as the chihuahua before moving on. That dog was cute enough, but not quite what I was looking for. And dalmatians and huskies were out of the question.  Ditto for collies and German Shepherds.

I did like the rottweillors, though. Their photos reminded me of Roxie, my sister's rottweillor, who died of natural causes about ten years ago. Roxie was the sweetest, best behaved dog I ever had the pleasure to know and walk. She never pulled at her leash, but walked nicely. Then one week, Roxie became ill and my sister took her to the vet. A few days went by, with Roxie's condition worsening. Visiting my sister one day, I expected to see Roxie and called her. Roxie never came. Little did I know that the poor dog was already dead. My sister had wrapped her body and hid it in the car for burial.

So ultimately, I think I would now consider adopting an adult rottweillor. I love puppies too and think that they are cute, but they take too long to train.

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