Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adult dogs or puppies

I would consider adopting an adult dog, as opposed to a puppy. Puppies  are cute, but can be a lot of work. They have to be trained not to chew items as shoes and not to pee anywhere they feel like it. And then their crying has to be dealt with in a positive manner.

Usually, all of that extra work isn't involved with adult dogs. Their personalities are established. They may have preferences in food and other matters. But usually, there aren't big problems unless the animal is ill and that all brings up a whole new set of problems and veterinary expenses. At the same time, there is the age of the dog to consider, because older dogs have a different set of problems and health issues.

I'll admire puppies and smile at their cute faces and playful ways. But I'll opt for an adult dog any day and will likely adopt one from a  shelter.

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