Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adopting a shelter dog

Adopting a shelter dog is important. You not only save a life, but find a friend for life. When I get a dog, I plan to adopt one from a shelter.

Just as I would do before adopting a cat, I would visit the shelter and look at each of the dogs housed there. Then I'd gradually narrow my search to two or three possible dogs and remember to ask the shelter assistants important questions, such as how well a given dog might adapt to a multi-cat household or if the dog could even live and thrive in such a household. I'd also would want to find out something about the dog's history and health. Plus, I'd want to pet and maybe even walk the dog to see how he or she responds to me.

Sometimes in adopting any pet, but particularly a cat or a dog, you just know that this is the right pet for you. The animal responds to you in a positive manner and seems to be friendly. Of course, if the animal seemed hyper, I'd reconsider.

I would also appreciate suggestions regarding feeding and veterinary care for my new dog. If I had any further doubts or questions, I'd let the shelter people know that I have some things to think about, but would definitely visit the dog or dogs I've chosen.

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