Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adopt another dog?

I know that caring for one dog is quite a job. Right now, I'm thinking that one dog for an inexperienced owner such as myself would be plenty!  I'm limiting myself to one dog for now.

But I have to realize that there is always a possibility of taking another dog in for whatever reason and caring for it. My sister, for example, had one dog and found herself taking in another dog, Aries, that was going to be put to sleep. I'm glad that she decided to take Aries in. He's entirely black and he looks fierce, but he is the sweetest dog ever!  He reminds me of Ferdinand the bull, who preferred to sit under a tree smelling flowers to making a rush at matadors in a bull ring. That's how laid-back Aries is.

So I guess that the question comes down to whether circumstances would force my hand and have me consider taking in another dog. I guess that would depend, but I'm such a softy that I would wind up taking in another dog ---- and saving another life in the bargain.

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