Monday, October 11, 2010

What I learned about walking dogs

I learned that I prefer a regular leash instead of an adjustable one. I understand that adjustable leashes allow more flexibility for a dog, but in my opinion, those leashes tend to allow too much flexibility. The dog like Aries, for example, takes advantage and has no problem in exploring a neighbor's lawn through and through. On the other hand, a regular leash allows flexibility for me as well. If I think that the dog will wander off too far, I can wind some of the leash around my wrist and maintain good control.

I also learned that it is an excellent idea to bring a plastic bag to scoop up any poo the dog does along the way and discard it in the nearest trash can at home. From my experience, I have found that a lot of dogs would just as soon as poo on someone's lawn than not. To get around this problem, I try to walk the dog to a nearby wooded area, away from homes, and let him relieve himself there. I'm more comfortable doing this, not having to worry about neighbors watching.

I learned that dogs get a lot of information by sniffing grass and even eating some of it. They find out, for example, if any dogs or other animals have been in the area recently. So to that end, it is fine to allow dogs to sniff grass.

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