Monday, October 25, 2010

Walking More Than One Dog at One Time

What never ceases to amaze me are professional and even amateur dog walkers who can aptly handle three to seven or eight dogs at one time. The dogs tend to vary in size and inclination. Some dogs like to stop and sniff at interesting things (to them) while others like huskies, for example, would just as soon move at a quick pace.

In the meantime, the dog walker has to maintain control, finding a reasonable balance between the dog who is inclined toward a more leisurely stroll as opposed to the dog who is more interested in moving fast, period. And then there are pedestrians and other kinds of traffic to watch out for. A few pedestrians like me would just opt for walking unobtrusively past the dog group at a quicker pace and look far ahead until I pass all of them by.

At the same time, I can't but help wonder how much dog walkers earn per hour, per day, per month and still cover their expenses. Or maybe those dog walkers work part-time. Whatever the case, I would hope that they are paid adequately for a stressful, energetic time. Of course, those walkers would have to love dogs and even own a dog themselves to do a really good job, I would think.

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