Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two great toys for dogs

I'm always interested and fascinated by dog toys, especially those that attract a dog's attention and keep it for awhile. There are, for example, different types of squeaky toys that motivate a dog to chase them and paw them around. These toys, for the most part, remind me of a live bird or other creature that has fallen and is sounding an alarm of pain or need for help. In fact, my sister used to have one of these toys for her two dogs and they worked like a charm!

Another favorite toy is a ball. A neighbor walks his dog, places a green tennis ball on the grass for the dog to retrieve. Once the dog retrieves the ball, he (or she) continues walking before dropping it on another stretch of grass and picking it up again. The ball is used in such a way that it doesn't roll across the street or down the sidewalk. And during the walk back home, the dog carries the ball in his mouth like it's all part of a game.

Well, it is in a way. But it's a useful way to keep a dog occuppied and interested during a walk. There is no tugging or barking or pulling.

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