Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some things to look out for when choosing a dog?

I know that for the most part, a would-be dog owner's choice of a dog is mostly subjective. Maybe that prospective owner is biased to certain breeds or types of dogs, the dogs' appearance, temperaments, size and so on.

Besides all of that, I would look for some indication that the dog I choose to adopt will be friendly and not overly shy. That is, a dog would respond to hearing its name and walk toward the prospective owner and accept a friendly pat on the head. If you are already a dog owner reading this, however, would you agree?

I ask this question because all of my experience has been in adopting cats. If a cat walks to the cage door and purrs or rubs itself against it when you're there, you can almost be sure that this indeed is the cat to adopt. After all, that cat has "adopted" you and will be a fine and loving companion in your household. Two or three cats adopted me that way, I bought them home and they all turned out fine. They were Rodney, an orange tabby, Columbus, who had a fluffy tail and became the official "greeter" in my household, and Waffles, a somewhat overweight calico who turned out to be quite friendly.

So I'd be very interested in hearing what you think. Am I on the right track?  Is there something else I should know? Thanks in advance.

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