Sunday, October 3, 2010

One way to save a dog's life

What really saddens me are occasional posters on telephone poles featuring a lost dog. A photo of the lost dog is shown, along with the name it answers to, along with a telephone number and reward (if any) offered. The lost dog often looks like a loveable, cute pooch that may have run away, or was stolen or just managed to get out of its house and/or backyard.

From what I've seen, those posters don't seem to be effective at all. Sure, people see them and probably hope that the lost dog gets found. But that doesn't happen many times. What happens is that the dog in question has been killed or taken in by a stranger or taken in by animal control. I'm willing to bet that if those owners of lost dogs would visit their local shelter, they may just luck out and find their lost pet. It doesn't take long, just a minute.Same thing goes for owners of lost cats. It is silly to wait for a phone call about a pet being found.

 Even better, those owners should have just kept their pets indoors. At least, the owners would know where their pets are at any given time and avoid undue stress. And from what I've seen, the dogs don't mind. If anything, they simply adapt and go with the flow. They're right there for extra attention and a more occasional treat. Such "home" dogs do not tend to become ill often. It's a win-win situation all around.

For the most part, many owners do leave their dogs home, then take the dogs for a walk at the end of the day.

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