Thursday, October 28, 2010

Example of an irresponsible dog owner

A woman who lives across the street from me owns three big dogs that she hardly walks. Recently, she got another dog, this time, a puppy. I have no idea if one of her own dogs had puppies or whether the woman went out and adopted another dog. In my opinion, she shouldn't be allowed to own any animal. She leaves her dogs home alone much of the time. Naturally, they get bored and restless and start to bark, especially at anyone who happens to walk past her house.

So this afternoon, all of a sudden, she's at my driveway, facing the intersection ahead and calling the puppy in a high squeaky voice like Minnie Mouse or maybe Miss Piggy. Of course, the puppy was still untrained and instead of running back to its owner, the dog ran in the opposite direction, down a busy street. Naturally, the woman raced to catch up with the puppy, but she couldn't run fast enough. Luckily for her, her partner managed to catch the puppy and bought it back to her house. That puppy probably just missed getting hit by a car.

This woman has no business owning four dogs in the first place. She keeps them cooped up in the house nearly all of the time and/or leaves them alone for a long time. No wonder those dogs go ape-s--t when she finally brings her butt home. And when she walks her dogs, she is almost forced to run with them because they keep pulling.

I really feel sorry for those dogs.

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