Monday, October 18, 2010

How far would you go to save your dog's life?

In finding a dog that is right for me, I know that I would have to take it to a vet for regular examinations and shots, which is fine. But what would happen if during the examination, the vet found other health issues that were serious enough to warrant expensive acupuncture or even tumors?

This matter was brought to my attention during a related topic discussed on the radio this afternoon. One of the questions to listeners was whether a pet, especially a dog with a serious health issue, was worth spending thousands and thousands of dollars for expensive treatments for? The listeners who called in basically said that it was there business to make such decisions and that yes, it was worth it. One caller, for example, mentioned that she found and eventually kept a dog whose teeth were badly decayed and required three dental surgeries amounting to 3000-plus dollars in veterinary bills. For her, most likely, it all came out to how far was she willing to go to save that dog's life? Fortunately, the dog survived.

Nowadays, there are items such as wheelchairs available for dogs requiring them.....and the nightmare of related bills that could possibly bankrupt their owners. But at what point do you draw the line and stop spending thousands of dollars?

I asked my sister about that a few months ago and for her, the answer was a no-brainer. She would spend the money, hands down. And she did, when her dog Aries needed hip surgery. The bill for that was more than 1500 dollars, which my sister paid in full. She didn't dare tell dad, knowing that even though he liked dogs, he would not opt for spending all of that money on a mutt.

Listening and thinking about all of this, I would remember what someone on that radio topic said, which is that you spend the equivalent on what you spent to buy the dog. I don't know. What about a poor mutt? Should a specific breed be provided with expensive treatments?

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