Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding Pet Supplies That You Really Want and Need Practically Hassle-Free

Once I selected my dog, I'd shop for basic items as a carrier and bed first. At the same time, I wanted to avoid the hassles of spending a lot of time visiting stores carrying pet products. I'd also avoid the risk of not finding what I wanted at the price I could afford to pay. I'd heard about the wide variety of pet supplies available at and was pleasantly surprised when I visited that site..

Knowing that one of the first things I needed was a carrier for my dog, I'd just go directly to  and voila, find a selection of 1802 carriers from which to choose ---- practically every size, color, and style that I could imagine. But the best part is that all of those carriers are featured on one website. For each carrier, there is a colored photo, name, brief description and price. To learn more about it, I'd simply move to the right and click a little red box entitled "See It" Another page showing a larger photo of the carrier would appear, accompanied by helpful information as a detailed description, list of features, and best of all, four smaller photos, each of which shows top, side and bottom views of a given carrier. It's almost like looking at a given carrier in person! Moreover, in the same site, there are convenient ways to compare prices, find out where a certain carrier is available or take advantage of the option to buy now. For a few carriers, customer ratings and reviews are posted also. This is one more opportunity to learn more about a given carrier before deciding to buy or continue shopping.

With the task of finding a suitable carrier for my dog completed, I'd wait to find and buy a bed for my dog  for now, and would probably opt for a bed basically resembling a small mattress at a reasonable price.Dogs can be quite fussy and if an item such as a bed isn't to their liking, they;ll find an alternative place such as a handy sofa or human's bed. But my dog wouldn't be like that, I hope, and would sleep on the bed that I selected for him. To that end, I'd want a good selection of beds from which to choose and head directly for This site is user-friendly, featuring 8744 beds in all, with 21 beds per page. Sizes of beds from those similar to throw cushions all the way to larger, deluxe beds that serve as recliners as well. The prices vary accordingly, but the number of dog beds is like no other. And best yet, it's easy to find and see them all in one place. Very often, color choices are included, along with available reviews and ratings and discounts.But for each bed, there is a colored photograph, brief description, price and a little red box to click on for more information. Clicking on that box, you're taken to another page featuring a larger photo of the bed, description, price and four other similar beds to choose from.

At the same time, I'd want my dog to have something to play with. From my experience taking care of my sister's two dogs, I've found that squeak and rope toys were very popular. Toys that motivate dogs to run, such as frisbees and balls, are other favorites. As I got to know my dog better, I'd look for toys that would likely appeal to him  Pretty soon, a variety of toys would be available at home. I could switch toys so that my dog would not become bored when I left the house. And for finding a lot of toys from which to choose, I'd visit  Once there, I'd narrow my choices by typing in "dog toys" on the site's handy search box, knowing that there would be quite a selection of 3244 dog toys. Each toy would be shown in a color photo, short description, price and a little red box entitled "See it." If I had more time, I'd spend more time shopping for toys on that site. For example, I found the Kong Material Dog Platy Duck, a plush toy with a replaceable squeaker, selling for $2.99 at a related site that directed me to. I'm sure that if I had questions, I'd get them answered by clicking on to the handy chat link.


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